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Japanese Fans’ Love Messages to Sakurai Sho under the hashtag #Twitter監視中の櫻井翔へ (To Sakurai Sho who is monitoring Twitter) 


These messages are fans’ response to Sho’s somewhat sulking last speech at LOVE Tour in Nagoya, "There may be people who hate me, but as long as you love the other 4, it’s fine for me."

"Sho-kun, there may be people who hate you, but there are definitely more people who love you. "It’s okay as long as you love the other 4…" Please don’t say that. Arashi is Arashi with 5 people. I’ll love you forever, Sho-kun."

"Please don’t work too hard. Please have enough sleep. Even when you have become an old man, I’ll still keep supporting you. I want to say the same thing to the other 4. I’m glad being your fan. Thank you as always."

"I respect everything about Sho-kun. Even when you show your weaknesses, even when you make mistakes. In order to meet you next year, I’ll study as hard as I can just like Sho-kun did."

"To me, Sho-san is always special. I love the Sho-san in Arashi the most."

"No matter what I will never be able to hate Sho-san because you are someone who always think about your fans. No matter how difficult things are, you never lose sight of yourself. That’s what I love the most about you. If you’re not there, Arashi is not Arashi anymore. Didn’t you say that Arashi is made up of 5 people?"

"Sho-san, when you’re sad, I hope our rainbows will shine over you in return."

"I don’t know if this will reach you, but I’m wishing happiness for you. I wish you will always smile. I always love you and I’m always on your side. You’re someone who is always in my heart. Thank you, always."

"I love you. I can’t find any word other than this. Because I came to love Sho-chan, I came to love Arashi. I found these 5 people thanks to Sho-chan. It has nothing to do with anyone else. Arashics love all 5 of you.
5 - 1 = 0. I love you and will always do.”

"Even though you’re busy as an idol, you also went to cover the Olympics, host variety shows, act in dramas and movies, write rap lyrics. I honestly think you’re truly amazing. What I’ve been longing for is the "5-colored rainbow". It won’t do if anyone’s missing, Sho-kun."

"Once in a while, please cry. Once in a while, please do rely on someone else. Everyone is on your side. I love Sho-chan."

"I can’t count how many times I’ve been saved by you. During tough times, during difficult times, when I see Sho-kun working with all of his might, when I see Sho-kun and the other 4 laugh, it always gives me energy. If it’s Arashi, 5 minus 1 is not 4, it’s 0. From now on too, no matter what happens, I’ll always support you."

"You’re kind to others, but you’re strict to yourself. There are so many efforts that you have never shown to others. I want to be someone as strong as you."

"It’s fine as long as you love the other 4…". Please don’t say that. "It’s not Arashi with someone missing," aren’t you the one who said that? It’s okay. No matter what, everyone is on your side. Because of the 5 of you, I love Arashi."

"There wasn’t even one time I’ve hated Sho-kun. There wasn’t even one time I’ve hated Arashi-san. I’m sorry if Arashics’ behaviors recently offended you. I’m sorry if we have troubled Arashi-san a lot. I’m sorry for making you worried. But everyone really loves Sho-kun and Arashi."

"Because you’re there, I love Arashi. Because you’re there, I have a spirit to go on. Because you’re there, I work hard in everything I do. Because you’re there, I have so many friends. You have done nothing wrong. Thank you, always."

"Arashics love Sho-kun, you know. The Sho-kun who gives full efforts even when no one sees, the Sho-kun who tried so hard to cry without being seen, the Sho-kun who never shows his tired face even when he’s exhausted, I love that Sho-kun."

"Sho-chan, I’m sorry if I have ever offended you. Even though you always laugh, there are times when things are difficult for you, right? You give me energy, you make me smile everyday, you’re such a precious existence. I love it when you smile from your heart. Please don’t try too hard to hold everything in. You have so many people on your side."

"The Sho-chan who always works hard. The Sho-chan who always watches over the other members with care. The Sho-chan who sometimes cracks up and laughs like an idiot. The Sho-chan with the sloping shoulders. I love so many things about Sho-chan that there isn’t enough space to write."

"No matter how difficult things are, you always give me the light to light my way. Your smiles are our smiles. Your sadness is our sadness. So please keep smiling. Your smiles are like the sun that always brightens our ways. We love the 5 of you of Arashi!"

There are like, HUNDREDS of messages, so Sakurai Sho-kun, whatever happens, I hope you will always love and appreciate yourself as much as your fans do.

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